“Modern American Tyranny”


Last week the Daily Signal posted an article on new evidence continuing to come out about how the IRS has targeted political conservatives. It goes beyond simply auditing those who gave to conservative causes, or denying tax exempt status to conservative groups. [I have personally been on the receiving end of both of those scenarios.]

Until we realize we are not one another’s enemies simply because we disagree, we will turn a blind eye to government overreach. That is dangerous for all of us.

It is getting worse. This heavy handed and constitutionally forbidden coercion by the federal government is out of control. Those facts should make EVERY American stand up and say “Enough!”

Decent people of goodwill can disagree on issues. We can favor different solutions to any number of problems we face as a nation, but it should never be acceptable for us to tolerate this level of infringement on our fellow law abiding citizens’ rights.

We live in a country ruled by law, a constitutionally established republic, NOT a dictatorship. We CHOOSE who we want to represent us by fulfilling our duty as informed citizens to vote. Those elected officials then CHOOSE the policies they will promote. Politicians maintain power by pitting us against one another. They succeed when we let our differences divide us and lose sight of our position as members of this UNITED States of America.

Pay attention. Learn the facts behind the inflammatory rhetoric. Speak clearly and respectfully to your friends and neighbors. Assume others want the best just like you do, and share ideas not insults. Remember it is possible to find common ground and that  our government is an instrument OF the people not a weapon AGAINST those who don’t share your point of view.

We can be a people whose government reflects a generosity of spirit missing in our modern political debates. Don’t give up!

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