About Me

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I’m a Christian wife and mother who has grown increasingly concerned about the direction our society has taken on cultural issues. Several years ago I decided it was time for me to speak out about the harmful results I see coming from public and governmental policies. Though I love people, my introverted nature makes me wish I was a hermit, hence the name of this blog.

Writing is my way to make my voice heard. I blog about my Christian worldview, and how it relates to current issues and events. Most of the time these will be public issues, but sometimes the blog posts will be of a personal nature.  Think of this blog as a buffet. Read what looks tasty to you and leave the rest.

In addition to this blog, I occasionally lead devotions for Christian ministries that I have long loved and served, co-lead a weekly house church with my husband, facilitate a weekly small group, and serve on the board of a local Christian school.

My husband and I have homeschooled five terrific sons for most of the past 26 years. That, and moving around a lot, have been enough to keep me busy and out of trouble. Now that our youngest has graduated I have time to do other things, but health issues limit my options.  I’m grateful for the freedom to write, and for the technology that allows all of us to meet in the marketplace of ideas.

I am also a survivor of traumatic childhood abuse, and blog occasionally about that at http://www.shatteredpiecesblog.com. That is my past, and I much prefer to live in the present. I post a weekly chapter of my memoir there but choose not to directly link the two blogs for now because their purposes are distinct. If reading about someone who has overcome adversity encourages you, you have the choice to visit and comment there.  If you dismiss me here because I have a past, that is also your choice.

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